Greetings my friends. I am afraid that I have sad news to report. WeeBees, the restaurant I have been chef for the past 3 1/2 years has shut its doors forever. Several factors were considered and the outcome was that we could not continue to provide the level of food and service and meet our bottom line. Rather than sacrifice our passion and start slinging nachos and chicken wings we opted to close. I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for there support and sympathy during this hard and emotional time. I learned so much over the past years and am thankful for the time I spent with everyone I worked with. It was a good run.


Ranch dressing marinated flank, cream’d corn sausage gravy, smashed red taters, okra, hot sauce and spinach biscuit.

My birthday poop cake. It even has peanuts.

Salmon, smoked peanuts, black eye’d peas, ham, creamed spinach, pickled okra and tabasco.

Smoked sea salt seared thresher shark, braised fennel, scallion grits, strawberry relish, surfboard tuile and tomato “blood” in the pipette.