this is the ceiling of our jam space.  there are many many broken drum sticks stuck in it.  almost 10 years of music stuck in the foam insulation.



well we did it.  our first show went off without a hitch.  we played 6 songs and were very well received.  the turn out was more than i anticipated.  at one point i looked out on the crowd and was surprised by the amount of people in attendance.  thanks to all who came out.  the weebees crew was all there.  chef chris achieved his goal of getting everyone extremely intoxicated.  every time i turned around more drinks and shots were put in front of me.  i drank every one of them out of courtesy.  i think we have a song up on our myspace page, just search medium size monster and enjoy..

well we went and did it.  we booked our first show.  it is october 11th at the zebra.  so that is our dead line.  so far we have music for 4 songs with a few more in the works.  but we have no vocals.  we are currently “trying out” prospective vocalists.  we shall see how the search goes.  i’ll keep you posted

i just returned home from jackson wyoming.  nursing a hangover from the night before.  myself and some friends drove down to see the melvins and big business at the mangy moose in jackson hole.  we stayed at my aunts condo.  when i was a kid my family would spend one week every summer at this condo.  thats probably one of the reasons i ended up in montana.  it was fantastic to see one of my favorite bands in one of my favorite places.  now its time to go back to work.