scallop chantrelle

five spice scallops, anise black rice, chantrelle, ginger-blueberry and carrot


beet peanut salmon 1

grilled salmon, heirloom tomato, peanuts, beets, black rice, local goat cheese and chive vinaigrette.

beet peanut salmon 2


seared escolar, orange, soy, coriander, baby chard, nori,  sesame almond powder and Bhutanese red rice.

french 1

ahi tuna, shrimp, pico, scallion, radish, guajillo, black bean, tequila pickle and cilantro.

french 2

achiote butter frenched table side.

banana crust

banana crusted escolar, black bean puree, cilantro oil, grilled pineapple relish, rum and coke gel and banana~honey soil.

crab claw

katie made these tuiles to garnish crab pot stickers for a flights and bites menu.  they were made out of crab flour.  the crab shells are cleaned very well and baked until brittle.  then ground in a spice mill.  the ground shell is sifted and mixed into the tuile batter.  they turned out better than i expected.  once the sweetness of the the tuile fades the shellfish flavour lingers.


seared sushi grade marlin, quinoa, cous cous, thyme and grapefruit

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