tenderloin smoked tomato

3 chili rubbed beef tenderloin, local squash, smoked tomato, annatto red taters, oregano and queso fresco.

beet peanut salmon 1

grilled salmon, heirloom tomato, peanuts, beets, black rice, local goat cheese and chive vinaigrette.

beet peanut salmon 2


spring showers bring local pickers.


the local rag did a piece on us recently and i was the poster boy…


stonewall from montana wagyu cattle co.  stopped by with a few samples the other day.  yum.  we picked up some burger and some short ribs.


the burger was amazing, best ever.  the short ribs made my jaw drop.  just look at it.  the marbling has marbling  sold them out.  braised in red wine and served over ancho~blue cheese mashers with chili sauce.  sorry i dont have a picture.


when i was starting the dinner program at the cateye cafe i bought a new knife.  6 months of daily punishment wore it out.  one day i was hanging out at montana fish company, shooting the shit with kevin about skate rock and fire arms.  in walked the shun rep.  we got to talking and i told him about my knife.  he said he would replace it for free if i gave the old one to kevin to send it.  so i did and immediately forgot about it.  that was about a year ago.  the other day while making raviolis, kevin popped into the kitchen with a surprise for me.  a brand spanking new shun.  thanks for remembering buddy.  i had forgotten all about it.

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