along with the mussels we also received this fresh water new zealand salmon.  unlike atlantic salmon these guys are very lean and very tasty.


we served them with butternut squash, sweet peas, potato and bourbon glaze


nick, peter and myself plating while mitch captures the moment.


if any of you readers are opening a restaurant and are buying kitchen equipment, dont buy this piece of shit grill.  this grill is a constant headache.  one reason is its just not hot enough.  20 minutes for a medium steak is too long.  i hope and pray that it will go away soon.shity-grill-1


this is our conference room.  it seats about 60 or so people.  giant windows stream in sunlight in the afternoon as well as an amazing view of the montana sunset.  after that a huge flat screen tv and stereo system dominate the room.  in the fall we are going to start doing wine dinners and black box dinners on off nights.  more info to come on those.  we had a 30 person rehearsal dinner that turned into a 40 person event.  guess when it was scheduled.  yup you guessed it…right in the middle of saturday night dinner service.  it was crazy in the kitchen.  it reminded me of way i fell in love with cooking in the first place.  out of the chaos of the kitchen emerge beautiful delicious plates of food going out to make some lucky person very happy.  an edible art form.

citrus poached shrimp and grits with achiote oil and cucumber pico.

thanks to alex and aki for this pairing, strawberries with gorgonzola dolce and balsamic.

it was a beautiful day to hang out in the basement